Terrelle Pryor's key decision

It's all up in the air now for Pryor, his future partly dictated by the decision of what he wants to be. Getty Images

With Terrelle Pryor now certain not to return to Ohio State for a final season, the conversation about his future obviously will turn at least in part to what he can achieve at the next level. And let's face it: While he'll obviously face questions from evaluators about the decisions that have led him to this stage, his abilities as an athlete won't be dismissed because of the tangled legacy that's been left behind. And the first question he'll need to answer for himself is this:

Do I really want to be a quarterback?

That's crucial, because as my colleague Todd McShay accurately noted in this breakdown, there are major technical flaws Pryor must overcome to convince any NFL general manager that he's worth a roster spot in a development role at the quarterback position.