Don't be too surprised if Young is in '06 draft

For those who missed the appearance by Vince Young on "Pardon the Interruption" this week, well, let's just say the University of Texas quarterback wasn't exactly steadfast in reiterating his previously stated stance that he will return for his senior season in 2006.

And that's because, not surprisingly, the Heisman Trophy candidate is considering his options.

In fact, ESPN.com has learned that Young and his family, with one wary eye on the NCAA rules concerning his eligibility and the other on the first round of the '06 NFL draft, have begun to consider potential agents. Not consider in the sense that they are winnowing down a laundry list of suitors, or even auditioning any potential representatives, although that latter element could change as soon as Saturday, following the Big 12 title game. Rather, the family, in a much broader sense and well within NCAA guidelines, is listening to recommendations and designing an interview process in the event that Young ultimately decides the NFL siren song is simply too tempting.