CBA uncertainty complicates things for Simms

Given the potential that Chris Simms demonstrated during his 10 starts in 2005, and the fact that Brian Griese is coming off knee surgery and has a $7.08 million salary-cap charge for 2006, it seems reasonable that Tampa Bay Bucs officials will consider signing the younger quarterback to a long-term contract extension in coming weeks.

Reasonable, but also risky, and for both sides.

Simms, who had a 6-4 record as the starter and played with increasing poise during the season and in the Bucs' wild-card playoff loss to the Washington Redskins, is one of many young veterans stuck in the catch-22 situation created by the absence of a collective bargaining agreement extension. Without an extension to the labor accord, the 2007 season will be a so-called "uncapped" year in the league, and teams will be able to spend freely, without a ceiling on player-related expenses.