Anderson would be logical fit in S.F.

In the wake of a debut season in which San Francisco won just four games, 49ers coach Mike Nolan suggested the franchise might have to bolster its football operation, and hire some more experienced front-office types.

Niners owner John York seems to concur with Nolan's assessment that the front office is in need of reinforcements, an analysis several outsiders made during the 2005 season, and it appears San Francisco will make at least one pertinent hire sometime this offseason.

The names most often floated this week in the Bay Area for a job whose title likely will be president of football operations: current Seattle vice president Mike Reinfelt; former Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans president Jeff Diamond; and Joe Mendes, who is now out of the NFL but once held key front-office posts with the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins, among others.

But here's another name to strongly consider: Atlanta Falcons executive vice president and chief administrative officer Ray Anderson.