Cowboys eyeing disgruntled WR?

Whither exiled wide receiver Terrell Owens, who will almost certainly be released next week by the Philadelphia Eagles, before the first $5 million installment of two bonuses totaling $7.5 million come due?

It's still a long shot, but don't rule out the Dallas Cowboys, a team whose curiosity level has risen at least a little bit in the past few weeks.

Coach Bill Parcells has always loved players who work hard and, for whatever problems Owens had off the field during his stops in San Francisco and Philadelphia, no one has ever questioned his unwavering work ethic. Even in practices, Owens goes hard every snap. As for the baggage he brings with him, well, Parcells has dealt with such situations in the past. And, let's face it, Dallas could use another difference-maker on the offensive side of the ball, and Owens still has big-play skills.