OT becoming increasingly unhappy with franchise

For much of his 10-year NFL career, Cincinnati Bengals right offense tackle Willie Anderson labored in relative obscurity, arguably the best performer on a miserable team, a Pro Bowl-caliber blocker who got little recognition despite having the respect of his peers.

But now that the Bengals have reversed fortunes under coach Marvin Lewis, winning the division title in 2005 and poised for perhaps an even better season in 2006, Anderson might have a difficult decision if he is to remain with an emerging powerhouse team and perhaps finish out his career with the only franchise for which he has ever played.

Anderson is entering the final year of his contract and, having witnessed the lucrative extensions to which the Bengals recently signed quarterback Carson Palmer and wide receiver Chad Johnson, even though both players had four seasons remaining on their existing deals, the veteran blocker vented some frustration this week about his own situation.