Mora working to improve on and off the field

ATLANTA -- If you are Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, you're probably a pretty conflicted man right now as you contemplate the future of coach Jim Mora and the direction of your franchise.

Make no mistake, Blank is still exceedingly miffed at Mora for the events of last week, with his coach chasing a coaching vacancy that doesn't exist at the University of Washington, and then issuing yet another mea culpa following his latest public misstep. Blank certainly didn't buy Mora's explanation that the incident, which occurred during a Seattle radio interview with former NFL quarterback and longtime close friend Hugh Millen, was a botched attempt at humor, the football equivalent of John Kerry's foot-in-mouth faux pas before the recent midterm elections.

At the same time, Blank is genuinely fond of Mora and doesn't want to fire him. And there is this: Blank is a bottom-line guy. And, more so than his legion of critics might think, and despite his penchant for self-inflicted wounds that might eventually prove fatal to his coaching career, Mora has certainly delivered on the bottom line.