Houston QB among those moving up

Every draft features its share of late risers, prospects who leapfrog up the board in the weeks preceding the lottery, sometimes enhancing their stock by two or three rounds.

But rarely has any draft included as many upwardly mobile quarterbacks as it appears this year's does.

There are, of course, two certain first-round quarterbacks in JaMarcus Russell of LSU, still the favorite to be the top pick overall, and Notre Dame's Brady Quinn. But there also look to be several other first-day quarterbacks, and that is a rarity of sorts, particularly as so many of them are players who only recently moved into the top three rounds on the draft boards of most franchises.

"After the really obvious guys every year at quarterback, you know, the two or three that everyone knows about, it gets down to a 'beauty in the eye of the beholder' kind of thing," said Detroit offensive coordinator Mike Martz. "You know, a personal preference thing, where not everyone agrees on a player but one or two teams like him. There seems to be a lot of beholding this year because it looks like there are [quarterbacks] moving up, and a lot of guys who a lot of teams seem to like."