Romo deal 'set the stage' for eventual Garrard contract talks

David Garrard (No. 9) has justified Jacksonville's faith in him and has proven to be a bargain buy as a starting quarterback. How much will the Jaguars be willing to pay to keep his allegiance? David Drapkin/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, when the Jacksonville Jaguars were at Tennessee, agent Albert Irby made the trip from his home in New Jersey to Nashville to visit with some of his clients playing in the game.

At the stadium, Irby bumped into Jaguars senior vice president Paul Vance, and the men spent about 10 minutes engaged in football small talk. Not once, according to Irby, did Vance, who deftly handles negotiations for Jacksonville owner Wayne Weaver, broach the issue of quarterback David Garrard's contract.