What's the next move?

This has been an exciting offseason so far as Edgerrin James signed with the Cardinals, Daunte Culpepper was traded to the Dolphins and the Saints signed quarterback Drew Brees. Barring some huge move down the road, these are going to be the crown jewels of these teams' offseasons, so let's take a quick look at each move and what the organization should do next to further help their team.

Advantage Miami

Even though I still believe it's premature to say Culpepper will be ready by the start of training camp, I know this is an absolute steal for the Miami Dolphins and a great present for offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey. Culpepper is a proven talent in the NFL and brings an explosiveness to the quarterback position that hasn't been seen in Miami since the retirement of Dan Marino.

His signing is a direct shot across the bow of the New England Patriots, as the Dolphins now have an offense that can score consistently after years of being a one-dimensional team. The Dolphins were competitive last season in the AFC East, but the offense wasn't good enough to win games, and they fell short. That was because they didn't have a quarterback they could rely upon to make plays. That's not the case anymore, and now the Dolphins have the talent on both sides of the ball to overtake the Patriots.