For Dallas, troubles begin up front

The most glaring stat involving the Dallas offensive line is its collective age. Getty Images

There's no question the Dallas Cowboys are stacked with talented players. The team is absurdly loaded at the skill positions, with a fine quarterback in Tony Romo, three starting-quality running backs, a top tight end and the most talented receiver in the 2010 draft class to go with the breakout receiver of 2009.

On defense, the talent includes one of the game's top two or three pass-rushers in DeMarcus Ware, very good corners, and a superb nose tackle. If everything goes right for the Cowboys, they are, without a doubt, a Super Bowl-quality team.

Unfortunately for Dallas, the Cowboys already had a year when everything went right -- last year (well, everything except field goal kicking). And not only is it very difficult to imagine that everything will go right again for the Cowboys in 2010 but there's something more -- all those talented skill players are heavily dependent on a looming weakness: the aging offensive line.