The real key may be Ahmad Bradshaw

Ahmad Bradshaw could run roughshod in Philly on Sunday night. Getty Images

This week brings a new format for Numbers Crunching. Instead of giving assorted tidbits about every game, we'll be concentrating on the three best matchups each week.

Much of our analysis is based on DVOA, which takes every single play during the season and compares it to the league average based on situation and opponent. DVOA and Football Outsiders' other advanced stats are explained here.

Week 11 is all about historical rivalries. The week's three biggest games bring us the rivalry that defined the past decade, the rivalry that defined the 70s and a rivalry that stretches back to the days of leather helmets. As usual, Colts-Patriots and Eagles-Giants will have big playoff ramifications, but we haven't said that about a Raiders-Steelers game in a long, long time. Let's start there.

Oakland Raiders (5-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)