Why would the Texans bring in Reeves?

The Houston Texans announced they are bringing Dan Reeves into the organization as a consultant for the rest of the season. I'm not sure what this move really accomplishes. Obviously, Reeves isn't going to tell coach Dom Capers anything he doesn't already know about his team. Capers already knows his team plays poorly at the end of games, doesn't protect the quarterback well and can't throw the ball downfield.

In addition to that, I don't believe Reeves has any itch to scratch in terms of coming back to coaching, so why have him consult the team? This team has had plenty of problems and distractions this season. They changed offensive coordinators in the middle of the season, have fiddled with their protection schemes and have made other changes on the offensive line, so this isn't a team that has just sat on its butt and done nothing to correct its problems.

Maybe this is the organization's way of telling the fans they are not giving up on improving anyway they can. Maybe they feel that bringing in an experienced coach with Super Bowl experience and ties to the Dallas Cowboys as a player and assistant coach will be a great sign for the fans. That might be true, but this organization is ignoring how this will be perceived by the coaching staff and the players. Players don't like change; they like to be able to set their schedule and stick with it and having to deal with one more guy near the end of what has been a dismal season isn't going to make them happy. Also, the coaching staff has to take the hiring of Reeves as a sign their jobs are in jeopardy.