Top five NFL moments

Well, it's the end of another regular season, and what a season it was! This was a very competitive season with great individual performances (Shaun Alexander), amazing coaching jobs (Lovie Smith, Marvin Lewis, Tony Dungy) and stunning surprises (Chicago Bears, resurgence and return of Tedy Bruschi). Of course there were also tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina, which affected the New Orleans Saints as no professional football team has ever been affected. There was also the death of New York Giants owners Wellington Mara and Robert Tisch. Mara and Tisch were two of the best owners in all of sports and it's fitting that their team has a shot at winning a Super Bowl and further honoring their owners' memories.

This week was a great microcosm of the season as we saw records broken, great coaching and unusual events such as Doug Flutie's dropkick extra point, which was the first in 41 years. Some teams were able to wrap up their postseason hopes weeks ago, but others had to win in the final week to make the playoffs. Those three teams (Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers) handled their business and are now a step closer to the Super Bowl.

This was a great season and here are just five of my top moments.