Raiders in trouble

It's early in the season and it already seems like Art Shell has lost the Oakland Raiders. This is a team in disarray. The defense looks terrible from the front line to the back line and the offense looked horrible on "Monday Night Football." Sadly, this team is in even worse shape off the field though.

Randy Moss doesn't like the discipline, Jerry Porter is in the midst of a feud with coach Art Shell and wants to be traded. and those are two of this team's best players. Heck, those two guys were thought of as two of the keys to the Raiders' season and now one of them is not playing and the other is playing nonchalantly when he's on the field.

This team is right on the verge of exploding and I wonder how long it's going to take for Mt. Vesuvius (Al Davis) to explode. I'm not saying it was a mistake to hire Shell as head coach. I think the Raiders should've evaluated the situation when they realized they couldn't find anyone to take their head coaching job. That's normally a sign that something is wrong with the players or the organization when you're struggling to fill such a lofty position. Candidates for this job knew what was coming down the pike though, and knew that either the players were going to have to be traded at less than their worth or the coach would have to deal with the fallout on a weekly basis.