Return to the Superdome

This week's "Monday Night Football" matchup featuring the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome is about more than just football. So, before I take a look at the keys to winning, I want to address the importance of this event.

Too often we call things events that aren't really events. Too often we glorify situations to create a buzz so we can sell what is really just a game. This week, that isn't the case. This game means something to more than just the players, coaches and fans of both teams. This game can be used as a symbol for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Sure, it's a football game featuring multimillionaires, but the fact that this game is being played shows that normalcy can return to the Gulf Coast region.

A little more than a year ago this region was struck by one of the worst natural disasters in the history of this country. Millions of lives were affected as Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. A year later, a lot of people are still feeling the effects of Katrina; some of them can't even move back to their old neighborhoods. My network and the NFL may not be able to help all those people, but this event can bring hope that one day things will return to normal. God bless everyone who was affected by this disaster.