Ruminating on New Orleans, T.O. and the 'Hawks

I want to start this week's column out by talking about "Monday Night Football"s visit to New Orleans last week. This was a trip that I looked forward to since the day I saw it on the schedule because I knew what it would mean to the citizens of the Gulf Coast region.

Look, I'm not going to sit here and talk about how great the NFL is for being in New Orleans for "MNF." I'm not going to act as though we made all the heartache and pain go away with one television appearance because that wasn't the point of football returning to New Orleans and it wasn't the point of the Superdome rebuilding. The point of all this was to provide hope and a getaway for the people of the Gulf Coast.

I can't imagine what these people went through during and after this hurricane and I'll leave it to far better writers to describe what went on during those desperate times. I will say this I was hit with a lot of different emotions when I traveled to New Orleans. The first was utter sadness to see this once great city laid to waste and a mere shell of her former self outside of the tourist areas. I made it a point to travel to the Seventh Ward and the Ninth Ward to see with my own eyes what the conditions were and that's when my emotions turned to anger.