A look at Haynesworth and Eagles-Cowboys

There's no question we play in a violent and emotional sport, but you have to be able to control your emotions when you're playing. It's unthinkable to do what Albert Haynesworth did last week against the Cowboys. The Tennessee Titans defensive tackle disrespected the game, the players and himself with his actions and that's why the suspension was so well deserved.

Coach Jeff Fisher's statements after the fact spoke volumes about the him as a man and coach. I'm sure he realizes this is a young team that isn't going to win a lot of games this season and that will be on the bad end of some routes, but frustration can't take over and cause them to do stupid things.

Now we shouldn't get on a high horse and proclaim that something like this has never happened before, though. We shouldn't act as though this is the first time a football player has crossed the line and done something that was reprehensible on the football field. This isn't a game played by gentlemen. Off the field, most football players are nice, guys you could bring home to meet Mom, but on the field they are closer to Genghis Khan than they are to Dudley Do-Right. I remember times when players intentionally stepped on my passing hand while I was on the ground and have seen players try to gouge out eyes at the bottom of piles.