Keys for MNF

This week's MNF matchup is going to be a defensive battle featuring two of the best defenses in the league. The Baltimore Ravens are undefeated and have to be feeling good about themselves after salvaging a big win over the San Diego Chargers late in the game last week. Defensively, this team seems ferocious as it has been able to get after the quarterback consistently and the secondary has feasted on receivers all season.

For the first time in years, this defense is completely healthy with Ray Lewis, Chris McAlister and Ed Reed starting the season off at 100-percent. That has helped this defense find the aggressiveness that marked what it used to do.

On the flip side, the Denver Broncos are playing excellent defense right now. They are quick, aggressive and opportunistic. They've done a great job against the run and against the pass. That type of balance is the reason why they are so good and why this team has been able to win despite not having an offense that is firing on all cylinders. Let's get to the keys for the game.