Keys to Bears-Cardinals

This week's "Monday Night Football" game has the Chicago Bears traveling to face the Arizona Cardinals.

This is a game that could get out of hand quickly. The Bears have the best defense in football and this week they're facing a team that has injuries on the offensive line and is missing one of its best receivers in Larry Fitzgerald. This is one of those games that great defenses love to play in because they can smell the blood in the water like sharks.

The Bears have all the makings of a great defense. They have a tremendous front seven that can create pressure without blitzing and a secondary that can defend the pass better than most in the league. They also are a hungry defense that wants to be great. This team gets extremely upset when an opposing offense scores even a field goal against it. Every guy on the field wants to hit somebody and get the ball back and the players salivate on the sideline waiting to get out on the field. There's a lot of pride on the field whenever the Bears' defense is playing.