Recalling an amazing MNF game

I normally like to look ahead at the weekend's games in this column. But what happened on "Monday Night Football" this past week has to be talked about.

That game was the most bizarre game I've ever seen. That includes not just the ones I've broadcasted, but ones I've played in and watched for fun. The only thing that comes close is the 1993 Buffalo Bills' comeback victory over the Houston Oilers in the AFC playoffs after being down 35-3 at the half.

This game was more bizarre simply because the Arizona Cardinals had done an excellent job of handcuffing the Chicago Bears' offense and it was obvious that the defense or special teams would have to step up to score. This is a great Bears defense so if the score was 7-3 then I could see the Bears pulling out this win without the help of the offense. But with the score 23-3, I didn't think there was a shot in heck of them pulling this one out.