Quarterback quandaries

Ahh, quarterbacks. They are my favorite subjects to talk about, and as we approach the midpoint of the season, we have a lot of quarterback situations to discuss. Here's a look at a few situations where grumblings have started or probably are about to start as to who should be the quarterback down the stretch of the season. Also, SportsNation wants to know what you think about these quarterback situations.

Washington Redskins: Jason Campbell vs. Mark Brunell

It might be time for a change in Washington, and that change should come at the top of the food chain with Brunell. He simply has been too inconsistent this season, and that inconsistency has spread to the rest of the offense. There are times when he plays like gangbusters and there isn't anyone else the team wants running the offense, but there are times when he's stumbling around making mistakes and thwarting drives.