Someone will take a chance on Alexander, but it will be a gamble

Now that running back Shaun Alexander has been released by Seattle, what does the future hold for the 2005 NFL MVP?

The better question is: What does Alexander have left? I think very little. He played in 16 games in each of his first six seasons, but after three consecutive seasons with over 325 carries, he missed nine games the past two seasons. In those seasons, Alexander averaged 3.6 and 3.5 yards, respectively, and while his offensive line is nowhere near what it once was when he was running behind Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson -- a potentially Hall of Fame left side of the line -- Alexander is more to blame for his lack of production than his offensive line. Alexander managed 80 or more yards on the ground just twice last season. He ran as though he was afraid of contact; his body has taken too much of a pounding over his impressive career.

Even at his best, Alexander was a patient and smart runner who relied on a very good burst and excellent vision. But Alexander was never an athletic marvel and certainly didn't have a problem with ducking out of bounds instead of fighting for extra yardage. Now, he is a dancer who lacks the burst and power he once had. His legs die on contact, he isn't elusive or dynamic and simply cannot gain yardage on his own, nor does he fight for yardage with conviction when there is little room to run.