12 things: Much-needed apologies

Vince Young's season hasn't exactly gone according to plan. Tom Hauck/Getty Images


As far as apologies go, this one seemed thorough and heartfelt.

After an epic meltdown, the Tennessee Titans' talented but temperamental quarterback, Vince Young, texted an apology to head coach Jeff Fisher. He said he was sorry. He owned up to his mistakes. He seemed to acknowledge that his spoiled-brat routine has worn thin. He thanked the coach for the opportunities he's been given and wished him well for the rest of the season and, in conclusion, asked politely for the coach to show more faith and confidence in him in the future so they could both reach their goal of winning a Super Bowl.

As I said, pretty good. He didn't remind Fisher just how rare and vitally important franchise quarterbacks are in the NFL. He didn't tell him that his winning percentage as a quarterback ranks near the top of the league. Or, that his 8-2 run last season, which resulted in a Pro Bowl bid, probably saved Fisher's job.

The only problem with Young's apology, I guess, is that it was delivered via text message. "I'm not really into the new-age stuff," Fisher said.

To which I say, um, Coach: Welcome to 2007.

Get over it. Look, I long for the days of actual face-to-face communication, too; on some level, we all do. But let's face it: This is how we do everything now. Clicks have replaced handshakes, e-mails have replaced looking someone in the eye and texts have trumped the art of conversation. For better or worse, that's how technology has changed social interaction.

Young has screwed up a lot. As a result, he might be finished in Nashville. But getting on him for texting an apology in 2010 is like criticizing someone for flying across the country instead of riding his bike.

At least he did it.

There are plenty of other folks in the NFL who, I think, still need to step up and apologize. And here they are: