Atlanta's smart deal for Julio Jones

Julio Jones is under a great deal of pressure to help out the Falcons' offense immediately. Jerry Lai/US Presswire

Mac or PC? That simple-sounding decision is one that has perplexed electronics consumers for over 30 years.

PC proponents say Apple products are overpriced and that informed customers can get more bang for their bucks from a Windows-based computer. Mac enthusiasts counter by noting how the effective integration of Apple components, a more intuitive interface and a better operating system make the Mac computing experience much more enjoyable and worth the extra dollars.

A similar type of argument about cost-effectiveness was bantered about last week when the Atlanta Falcons traded five picks for the No. 6 slot in the 2011 NFL draft and selected Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones.

Many in the football world have weighed in against this move because they think Atlanta paid far too big a price for Jones. Even Roddy White, the Falcons' No. 1 wideout and the person who might benefit most from this acquisition, seemed to land on this side of the discussion with his Twitter comments made shortly after the pick was announced.