Holmgren gets only 'A' in conference

Christmas break may have just ended in schools across the country, but in the NFL, the final grades are in for the league's head coaches with another regular season completed.

It's hard to imagine any profession subjected to as much scrutiny as the head coaching profession, as fans -- and publications like Pro Football Weekly -- take great delight this time of year speculating on which head coaches will grab postseason honors, and at the same time, which ones slipped up enough to receive pink slips.

In addition to the quick firing of Vikings head coach Mike Tice on the same day the regular season ended, the Rams' Mike Martz, the Packers' Mike Sherman, the Texans' Dom Capers and the Saints' Jim Haslett were let go the following day. On Tuesday, Norv Turner of the Raiders was fired. It's quite possible even more coaches being scrutinized in the following article will be dusting off their résumés in pursuit of new employment by the time you read this.