Colts have competition for best offense in AFC South

Scouts Inc. is breaking down each division in a roundtable discussion, with each scout offering his pick for the best offense and defense as well as the most important offseason move in the division. Here's is Scouts Inc.'s look at the AFC South.

Which team has the best offense in the AFC South?

Jeremy Green: The best offense in the AFC South does not belong to the Indianapolis Colts, but rather the Jacksonville Jaguars. Last season the Colts finished No. 3 in scoring, and the Jaguars No. 6. The Jaguars did this without a receiver or tight end you could even classify as a great No. 2. With the additions of veteran WR Jerry Porter and WR Troy Williamson who has looked excellent in the OTAs, along with a maturing tight end in Marcedes Lewis, all of a sudden this is an explosive offense. The Colts have the better quarterback in Peyton Manning, but David Garrard is a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback.