No surprises when ranking the top QBs in the NFL

The Patriots with Tom Brady and the Colts with Peyton Manning are the obvious choices at No. 1 and No. 2, respectively. Should the Cowboys with Tony Romo be in the top five? Do the Giants with Eli Manning, who was the Super Bowl MVP, deserve to be in the top 10? The answers may surprise you.

1. New England Patriots
There are only two teams in the running for this honor, and we gave Brady the slight nod over Manning simply because Brady has more Super Bowl rings and surpassed Manning's touchdown record this past season. Both quarterbacks just keep getting better and better as they one-up each other. Brady put together an unheard of 50-to-8 touchdown-to-interception ratio last season while leading his team to a perfect regular-season record. His production did fall off over the last six games of the regular season, but overall, Brady was simply terrific once again. He is a tremendous competitor without a conscience.

Matt Cassel is Brady's backup, but in a somewhat shocking move, the Patriots used the 94th overall selection in the 2008 draft on Kevin O'Connell from San Diego State, which isn't exactly known as a football factory. The Patriots never do anything on a whim, so this selection warrants watching over the next several years. Cassel had better watch his back.