McCoy, Spiller among those watching the NFL labor situation

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is among those who believe that rookie salaries are far too high right now and is pushing for controls on rookie salaries and bonuses in the league's next collective bargaining agreement.
The current deal is set to expire following the 2011 season but NFL owners could opt out following 2009, meaning the upcoming draft could be the last without restraints on rookie money.

Below is a list of 10 underclassmen who could decide to leave school early at least in part because of the developing situation. Any number of things could happen to a player's draft stock in the next nine months or so, and we don't know each player's financial situation, but those on this list could choose to enter the draft a year early to assure themselves of a bigger payday.

We are not trying to encourage or deter these players from entering the draft. That's a decision they make with their families and advisers. We are simply offering our opinion on players who could be affected most by the NFL's labor situation.