Roundtable panel not sure Pats are a playoff team

Franchise QBs are out. Teams that were supposed to be good look bad, and teams that were supposed to be bad look good. After watching all the film, Scouts Inc.'s pro scouts debate the hot topics heading into Week 2.

Without QB Tom Brady, New England will finish ...

Jeremy Green: 10-6, AFC East champs, lose in divisional playoffs. With Brady, I would have picked the Patriots to go 14-2 or 13-3. And though Brady's season-ending injury is without question the most significant loss any team could suffer, it isn't all doom and gloom in New England. The Patriots still have the game's best playmaker (WR Randy Moss) and the best third/slot receiver (WR Wes Welker). More importantly, they have football's best coach in Bill Belichick, who should be able to psychologically manipulate his players into believing they still have a shot. The Pats won't be as explosive or wide-open in their play calling, so expect them to get away from the spread a bit and adopt a more traditional pro-style offense. A defense that may view the loss of Brady as a challenge could become even stingier.