A few things that jumped out from Week 7

Sometimes, it just jumps off the screen. Other times, it takes a second or third look. Scouts Inc. watched every game in Week 7 and learned a few things about each team.

Patriots 41, Broncos 7
New England
1. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels used a lot of double-tight formations and ran the ball left behind LT Matt Light and right at the undersized DE Elvis Dumervil. He is 5-foot-11, 260 pounds and struggles against the run. The Patriots' offensive line did a great job of sealing off Dumervil and the outside linebacker to give RB Sammy Morris lots of space to run as he gained a career-high 138 yards, all in the first half.

2. Defensively, the Patriots showed the Broncos a wide variety of schemes and coverages. At times, the Patriots would only have one lineman with his hand on the ground, while the rest of the linemen and linebackers meandered around the line of scrimmage. This scheme, along with zone blitzes, made it difficult for the Broncos to determine where the pass rush was coming from.
As a result, this confused the blocking schemes of the Broncos' offensive line and QB Jay Cutler -- who threw two interceptions.