FBO: AFC East questions and answers

With the 2008 season in the books, Football Outsiders is going division by division, applying its unique brand of analysis to one key question for each team. Today: the AFC East.

Buffalo: Will the Bills break out of their current run of offensive mediocrity?

Maybe it's the funny monochrome uniforms, maybe it's the sleepy demeanor of Dick Jauron or maybe it's the low wattage coming from Lake Erie, but the Bills have achieved a remarkable level of blandness in the past three years. Under Jauron's steady hand, they have achieved a remarkable level of consistency. No matter the quality of the opposition, the Bills looked and played at just about the same uninspiring level of execution. Unfortunately, Buffalo's schedule was one of the easiest in the league last year, so while it might have looked like they were playing as not-that-well as ever, they were actually doing worse. Since 2006, the Bills have changed offensive coordinators, changed quarterbacks and changed feature backs, and yet their offensive DVOA (explained here) has hovered between -8.7% and -6.2% throughout.