Analyzing NFC team needs

With the free-agent market opening Friday, Scouts Inc. breaks down each team's needs. Click here for AFC team needs.


Dallas Cowboys

Team needs: Defensive lineman, guard, quarterback, inside linebacker, strong safety

Scouts comments: Despite the fact they have underachieved the past two seasons, the Cowboys, on paper, are as talented as any team in the NFL. They once again will be drafting more for depth than starters and should look to get a little younger and athletic along their offensive line.

New York Giants

Team needs: Wide receiver, outside linebacker, offensive tackle, tight tend, quarterback

Scouts comments: It became apparent once the Giants got into the postseason that the loss of Plaxico Burress was going to be a huge factor. The Giants have drafted WRs over the past few years but there is not a No.1 in the group. If Burress doesn't return, they need more than anything to find a veteran playmaker to take pressure off both QB Eli Manning and their excellent rushing attack.

Philadelphia Eagles

Team needs: Offensive tackle, wide receiver, free safety, running back, tight end, offensive lineman, cornerback

Scouts comments: Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson is one of the best in the business and this team, despite not having a lot of big-name guys on that side of the ball, are Super Bowl ready. However, to get there, this team needs a No. 1 receiver to take pressure off RB Brian Westbrook. When Westbrook is shut down the offense shuts down and that is because the Eagles lack that big-time play maker on the outside.

Washington Redskins

Team needs: Right tackle, defensive end, defensive tackle, guard, center, outside linebacker, quarterback

Scouts comments: The Redskins have done a nice job over the past few years of adding more athleticism and speed on both sides of the ball, but you win championships in the trenches. The Redskins are in one of the most physical divisions in the NFL, which means they need to address both the offensive and defensive lines this offseason.