Dunn's productions prospects dim

There's a good chance we might never see another player like Warrick Dunn. How often does a 5-foot-9, 180-pound running back rush for nearly 11,000 career yards? Even more unique, this three-time Pro Bowler is also a Pro Bowl-level philanthropist.

Unfortunately for Dunn, he'll have a lot more time to devote to philanthropy in the next few months. There's a reason no team has stepped forward to sign Dunn since Tampa Bay released him a few weeks ago -- his career is most likely over.

Dunn certainly wasn't bad in 2008, but he was nothing more than mediocre, and that mediocrity was probably a veteran's last gasp because it was such an improvement on what he did two years ago. In 2007, his final year in Atlanta, Dunn gained a miserable 3.2 yards per carry, with just 4.0 yards per pass as a receiver. Football Outsiders' advanced play-by-play breakdown rates Dunn's 2007 season with a combined rushing and receiving value of minus-156 yards below replacement level, one of the 10 worst seasons by a running back since 1995.