No. 21: Falcons' best draft class

ESPN Stats and Information has ranked all NFL players drafted in the modern draft (1967-2008) based on their performance during their NFL careers, regardless of how they fared with the team that drafted them. Insider will count down each team's best draft class (seeded 1-32), then conduct a tournament to determine the best class of all time.

For a short explanation of the ranking system, click here, or, for a more detailed rundown of how the system was developed, click here.

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Reviewing the Atlanta Falcons' drafts is difficult. On one hand, they drafted two of the NFL's greatest players according to ESPN Stats and Information's ranking system. On the other, those two players didn't stick around for their whole careers, and their other drafts don't stand out as much. Drafting one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, then trading him, puts the Falcons in an elite (or not-so-elite) class, depending on how one looks at it.