No. 14: Redskins' best draft class

ESPN Stats and Information has ranked all NFL players drafted in the modern draft (1967-2008) based on their performances during their NFL careers -- regardless of how they fared with the teams that drafted them. Insider will count down each team's best draft class (seeded 1-32), then conduct a tournament to determine the best class of all time.

For a short explanation of the ranking system, click here, or for a more detailed rundown of how the system was developed, click here.

The 1981 Redskins take aim at the 1977 Patriots -- Vote now!


The Washington Redskins have appeared in five Super Bowls and won three. But according to ESPN Stats and Information's rankings, they are not a solid drafting team. The Redskins' draft picks have only 69 Pro Bowl selections and just 14 first-team All-Pro selections. Among teams that have drafted every year since 1967, the Redskins are the worst in those two categories.