Acquiring top WRs comes with risks

Fans and teams alike are salivating at the possibility of Pro Bowl wide receivers Anquan Boldin and Braylon Edwards being traded.

The arrival of an impact player at wide receiver doesn't just sell jerseys. It gives quarterbacks a new weapon in parts of the field they weren't able to throw to before, occupies safeties long enough to create space in the running game and creates new excitement around a team.

There's only one problem with that idea. What if what you saw isn't what you get?

For every Randy Moss who inspired Tom Brady to new heights, there's ... well, another Randy Moss who turned into a shell of himself in Oakland. Three years from now, fans could just as easily be wishing their newly departed general manager good riddance by pointing out how stupid it was to trade for the drop-addled Edwards or the injury-prone Boldin.