Two days to the Draft: Year of the OL

ESPN Stats & Information has ranked all NFL players drafted in the modern draft (1967 to 2008) based on their performance during their NFL careers -- regardless of how they fared with the team that drafted them. Insider will count down each team's best draft class (seeded 1 through 32), then conduct a tournament to determine the best class of all time.

For a short explanation of the ranking system, click here, or, for a more detailed rundown of how the system was developed, click here.

The year of the offensive lineman: 1968 (194 total points, 110 offensive linemen drafted)

One of the distinctive parts of the ESPN Stats & Information draft ranking system is that it doesn't overly discriminate by position. That means, unlike in the real game, offensive linemen have just as much a chance to score as a quarterback or a wide receiver.