FBO: New names in NFC West

Football Outsiders analyzes the draft choices, trades and free-agent signings for all 32 NFL teams. FO already has analyzed the NFC East and NFC North. Friday: the NFC South.

Arizona Cardinals

Looking to fill their biggest need, the Cardinals selected Ohio State running back Chris "Beanie" Wells with the 31st overall pick (the nickname refers to Wells' bean-shaped head at birth). Interestingly, there are rumors that Arizona preferred Donald Brown of Connecticut, but he was nabbed by the Colts four picks earlier. In any event, Wells is a powerful runner who can move the pile, but he has a lot of wear on his tires. Over the past two years, he's suffered the following injuries: left ankle sprain, right wrist sprain, thumb fracture, right foot sprain, turf toe, hamstring strain, concussion. Not exactly confidence inspiring, is it?