Bills offense sputtering with Edwards

Scouts Inc. breaks down the five key storylines in the AFC East showdown between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots on "Monday Night Football" (ESPN, 7 p.m. ET):

  • Buffalo special-teams coach Bobby April is the best in the business, and his unit is capable of keeping the Bills in some games. The coverage units are top-notch and usually give a struggling offense good field position. Leodis McKelvin is an excellent kickoff returner and Roscoe Parrish does a solid job returning punts. The kicking and punting game is solid, but they must adjust to a new long snapper. Parish may wind up being the most explosive player on this team, and most of those big plays may come on special teams.

  • Buffalo QB Trent Edwards has been labeled "Captain Checkdown" in the past, and that's what he looked like in the preseason. Former offensive coordinator Turk Schonert called very conservative games, with mostly short and safe throws -- even though the Bills have two guys on the perimeter who can stretch the field in Lee Evans and Terrell Owens. With that type of game plan, defenses do not respect the outside passing game like they should; instead, they load up to stop the run. This offense has no swagger, and it starts with Edwards.