Vick's debut was a success for Eagles

Former Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Jon Runyan had an interesting comment last year regarding Andy Reid's approach to the running game. Runyan said Reid will pound the ball only if he has early success on the ground. If the run isn't working, Reid's play-calling focus will immediately turn back to the passing game.

That is the key reason Philadelphia has installed the Wildcat.

For all the hullabaloo surrounding this formation, it really boils down to being a shotgun-based run setup. It is designed to allow for unbalanced lines, a variety of inside run plays and the ability to use the option play from what looks like a passing formation. That opens up a whole new avenue of run play choices that, if executed properly, will allow Reid to get more of the run/pass balance he has said he would like to get in his offense.

So how did the Wildcat do Sunday, with Michael Vick in the fold against the Kansas City Chiefs?

Vick's stat line against the Chiefs was 0-2 passing and one rush for seven yards, numbers that suggest that it was a failure. That is deceptive, however, as a closer look at the game tape metrics shows the opposite to be the case.

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