FBO: The two sides of Matt Ryan

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this game -- and this sack -- took place in Arizona, not Atlanta. Getty Images

One of our pet peeves at Football Outsiders is the tendency of fans and media alike to judge quarterbacks by wins and losses -- rather than by examining the statistical context. It gives rise to blanket statements like "Quarterback (insert name here) can't win when it counts!" Remember when Peyton Manning couldn't win the big game? It turns out he could, so long as he had a defense that could make a play or two. Manning wasn't any better in his Super Bowl season than he was in 2005 or 2004, but never mind that -- the win-loss crowd simply turned its attention to the next prolific quarterback who hadn't "proved anything" yet.

And yet sometimes a win-loss record might well tell us something about a quarterback after all, which brings us to Matt Ryan.