FBO: The Ravens can soar again

Lardarius Webb broke a 95-yarder against the Broncos. Bye-bye, undefeated record. Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

In Any Given Sunday, Football Outsiders examines the most surprising result of each NFL weekend and where the two teams involved can go from here. The week edition focuses on the 3-0, then 3-3 Baltimore Ravens dismantling the 6-0 Denver Broncos -- and what that means for the AFC playoff picture in the second half of the season.

The Football Outsiders game projection system thought Denver would beat Baltimore last Sunday. The Vegas casinos disagreed, making Baltimore two-point favorites. But nobody -- not us, not the oddsmakers, not even the hard-core Baltimore fans -- predicted the undefeated Broncos suffering a 30-7 beatdown. The game served to remind everyone that the Ravens, despite their recent three-game losing streak, are still a top Super Bowl contender.

And on the other side, we may now know a key weakness for the previously undefeated Broncos.