Outtakes with Brandon Marshall

This interview appears in the Nov. 16 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

KM: I see you grew up in Pittsburgh and Orlando. Which NFL team is your favorite?
BM: Growing up, it was the Steelers. But now it's definitely the Broncos. [Laughter]
KM: So you threw away your allegiance just because some team drafted you?
BM: I still have a little bit left in me. My rookie year we played in Pittsburgh, and even though it wasn't at Three Rivers, I was in awe when I came out. It was amazing to be there in the city where I watched the Steelers play. But I'm still pulling for the Broncos.
KM: Do you think Franco Harris really caught the ball legally on the Immaculate Reception?
BM: Definitely. It was before my time, but you'll never hear anyone in Pittsburgh say otherwise.