Scouts Buzz: Packers fix major flaw

After watching the Week 12 games, Scouts Inc. shares its 10 key observations:

1. Green Bay is correcting its major flaw: Of course it was against the Detroit Lions, but the Packers seem to be making strides with their massive pass-protection issues. The offensive line, Aaron Rodgers and the play calling all deserve credit for the improvement. Green Bay showed good dedication to its running game and also seemed to emphasize Rodgers' getting the ball out his hand quickly, which he executed well. Also, there is more stability and reliability at the tackle positions with veterans Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher holding down the left and right sides, respectively. The Packers' protection has held up for two weeks in a row, but they play host to the Baltimore Ravens next week, which will be a much truer test.

2. Give the Denver Broncos' secondary a lot of credit: The New York Giants have a fine young stable of wide receivers, but they were outclassed by the excellent Denver secondary. The Broncos didn't fear this group of pass-catchers and trusted their secondary a great deal, as they played a lot of man coverage and brought extra pass-rushers at QB Eli Manning. Denver used a lot of stunts and movement with its pass rush and made New York's vaunted offensive line look sluggish and old. The Giants also struggled to decipher Denver's blitz schemes. Manning did make a few exceptional throws, but for the most part, he really wasn't given the opportunity to succeed. Denver's defense dominated.