Scouts Buzz: Jets facing tough call

After watching the Week 13 games, Scouts Inc. shares its 10 key observations:

1. What to do about Edwards? No player is more maddening than Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards. The pass that hit off his face Thursday night -- and clearly would have resulted in a long touchdown reception -- was the kind of play that every NFL wide receiver should make. In fact, he almost could have come to a complete stop, turned around and found the ball -- but he didn't. He also short-armed a pass over the middle a short time later. But then at the end of the first half, he made a tremendous play to get into the end zone. Edwards' talent is there. But there might not be a more inconsistent player in this entire league. His highs are very high, and his lows are very low. So, if you are in the Jets' shoes, what do you do with this talented young man? Do you lock him up for the long term and pray that he turns into a true No. 1 wide receiver? Or do you let him go on his way after the season and look for wideout help elsewhere?

2. Much uncertainly in Buffalo: The Bills have become such a nondescript team that you wonder whom they will be able to attract to take over the head-coaching duties in 2010. Just looking at the offense, the new regime will have to find a quarterback for sure, probably a starting wide receiver to replace Terrell Owens and at least one offensive tackle (if not two) and maybe a playmaking tight end to boot. The defensive needs are not nearly as extreme, but who are the building blocks on that side of the ball? What do you build around with this franchise if you are the new man in charge? I really have no idea.