Scouts Buzz: Colts have DB issues

After watching the Week 14 games, Scouts Inc. shares its 10 key observations:

1. Chink in the undefeated Colts' armor: Indianapolis did not have an answer for Broncos WR Brandon Marshall. The Colts tried different forms of rolling coverage to his side and switched the players in charge of slowing him down -- but the results were more or less the same. Early this season, I was asked to rank the top 10 wide receivers in the game today and left Marshall just outside the list. Now, I would probably put him around No. 6 or 7 overall. He changes games. On the other hand, this banged-up Colts secondary could be a major problem in Indianapolis' quest to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Just think if they were to play the Saints in the Super Bowl. Talk about coverage issues.

2. Jets' Jones deserves more credit: For whatever reason, Thomas Jones rarely gets the accolades that he deserves, but he is a fine starting running back who had yet another very productive game Sunday. He was one yard short of 100 and did it by consistently gaining chunks of yardage and keeping the game manageable from a down-and-distance perspective for QB Kellen Clemens, who needs the help. Jones isn't overwhelming in any specific area of his game, but he is very reliable and consistent with strong-but-not-elite physical characteristics. The incredible incompetence of Tampa Bay's offense in this game also helped the Jets' cause today tremendously.