Quick Reads: Wild-card weekend

Here are the playoff statistics for two quarterbacks. Look at them and let us know which of the two you'd want quarterbacking your favorite team:

It's not a particularly hard question. Player B completes passes at a ridiculous rate and throws for better than 2 yards per attempt more than Player A. About the only thing Player A has going for him is a slightly better interception rate. Over the course of a full season with 550 attempts each, Player B would throw about three more interceptions than Player A, but he'd complete 25 more passes and throw for just under 1,200 more passing yards than Player A.

If we polled 100 fans as to whether they'd rather have Player A or Player B, the only ones choosing Player A would be the ones who thought it was a trick question. In a way, it is; if we told those same 100 fans to pick a playoff quarterback without giving them any statistics and let them choose between Tom Brady (Player A) and Kurt Warner (Player B), Warner would have only the trick question people on his side.