Red flags lessen Peppers' appeal

Terrell Owens, left, had a subpar season in Buffalo. Julius Peppers has battled inconsistency. US Presswire

With free agency set to open Friday, Scouts Inc. takes a look at six risky players.

1. Julius Peppers, DE, Carolina
Of course, he is immensely talented and frankly, he is capable of great things. But Peppers' production comes in spurts and he just isn't a very consistent star on a week-to-week basis. He is average as a run defender and isn't the most physical guy around. If you throw into the equation that Peppers very well could be switching positions to outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense, the risk with this guy is just too great considering the fortune he will command on the open market. Of course, Peppers could reach his amazing potential and torment opposing offenses week after week with his new team -- just go back and watch him against Minnesota late in the season. Just don't overlook the risk of adding him.