Post-draft holes: AFC West

Terrence Cody would have been a nice fit for KC when the Chiefs took Dexter McCluster. Getty Images

How this works: Back on February 10, Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders penned this piece on pre-draft needs for AFC West squads. With the draft done -- check Mel Kiper Jr.'s grades here and Todd McShay's grades here -- FBO revisits the AFC West as May begins.

Denver Broncos: An inside LB

After releasing starting inside linebacker Andra Davis early in the offseason, the Broncos took their sweet time in finding a replacement. The guy they ended up signing was the only veteran left on the market, Akin Ayodele, and there's a reason why he was the last item left on the shelf: His final year with the Dolphins exposed how painful he is in coverage and how teams can exploit him with passes up the field. He was the primary offender during Dallas Clark's 183-yard career game against the Fins in Week 2. The FO game charting project listed Ayodele with 12 broken tackles in 2009, second-worst to Corey Mays among NFL linebackers.